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Welcome to the Writing Diner

Welcome to the Writing Diner


What in the world is The Writing Diner?

Simply put, The Writing Diner is a series of resources that combine great thinking and ideas from established experts in the filed of teaching writing along with new thinking by Diner creator, Tim Hargis. The ultimate goal of The Writing Diner is to create active thinkers in the writing classroom so that students, when they are writing independently, will be confident, knowledgeable, and successful writers. Let’s take a look at The Writing Diner resources:

The NEW Writing Diner 2


This resource and its lessons take on The Common Core Writing Standards. It helps students understand and distinguish between the purposes for the three types of writing outlined in the Common Core. It also guides students in implementing craft elements of writing within their opinion, informative, and narrative pieces. There are also units on introducing different genres of writing as well as nonfiction text structures. In addition, The Writing Diner 2 gives numerous ideas of how to connect what students are learning about writing with what they are learning in the content areas. All lessons in this book include writing samples from Writing Diner author, Tim Hargis. There are also new mini-posters to help with the teaching of The Common Core. Check out the table of contents.

The ORIGINAL Writing Diner


This resource offers an in depth study of craft elements of writing and helps students understand what it takes to be an active thinker while writing. Taught through the genre of personal narrative writing, the original Writing Diner helps students craft interesting beginnings to their writing, gives them concrete ways to skillfully add details to their writing, and helps them understand how to write that perfect ending. Sample writing pieces from Diner author Tim Hargis accompany the many lessons in this book, along with colorful mini-posters that help students understand all about the craft of writing. Check out the table of contents.



Parents and Teachers see the results:

250_writingconfer_912“Tim Hargis and his gourmet writing lessons contained in The Writing Diner are every teacher’s gift to a successful writing program. This program has been kid tested and approved with my third grade students for two years. What I have found to be helpful, where other programs lack, is the age appropriated language and deeply kid interesting writing examples. The children have quickly digested terms such as “lively lead” and “snapshot.” I hear the children talk in these Diner words daily because they have a ‘just right feel.’ My strongest reasoning for using Tim’s lessons is simple: They have given my children the ability to improve and self monitor their own writing for real life purposes….No doubt these same lessons will improve your students’ writing, too.”
-Wendy McLenithan, 3rd Grade Teacher, Explorer Elementary


Student-Writing-Center“My son is a strong reader who had tremendous difficulty writing. He would sit there during writing time without writing a single thing on his paper. When he did write, he would write with as few words as possible. Tim began introducing The Writing Diner to (my son’s) class two years ago. First of all, (my son) was so excited about the lesson; he still clearly remembers it today! He began coming home excited about one word leads and onomatopoeia. He now feels that writing is doable! He has the tools to break the huge task of writing down into doable pieces. I am so happy to read his work and see interesting sentences and clear thoughts! Thanks to The Writing Diner, he is no longer scared of the writing task!”
-Christine Clifford, Parent, Glenwood Elementary

The Writing Diner by Tim Hargis

A short message from the Writing Diner author Tim Hargis

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